Big Gay Mikes Mincer Pie Edition Gin | 40% . 70cl

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Our Big Gay Mike' Mincer Pie Edition is back and as bad as ever!

Distilled and infused with the finest of Christmas botanical, this gin is sure to have you waiting for a snowy even in.

Enjoy warm with apple juice or over ice with tonic water.

Bottle size - 70cl

AVB - 40%vol

Classic botanicals:

Juniper Berry

Coriander Seed

Angelica Root

Orris Root


Fresh Orange Peel

Fresh Lemon Peel

Fresh Ginger


Cassia bark

Allspice Berry

Ground Mace

Cubeb Berry

Liquorice Root

Grains of Paradise

Rooibos Leaf

Rice Krispies

Cold Infused With:

Cinnamon Bark

Cassia Bark

Allspice Berry