Biltong, tonic water and garnish Pack

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No gin is an island. And no person should be without decent tonic water or garnish during these trying times.

Our bespoke garnish packs are designed to pair with each spirit in our range.
The packs include fresh and dried citrus, juniper and dried botanicals specific to each spirit in our range.

Pack includes:

  • 2 x 500ml Franklin and Son's regular tonic water bottles
  • 1 x Bespoke Garnish Pack
  • 1 x 50g Inyama beef biltong

What in the heck is biltong?!

Biltong is a form of dried, cured meat with spices. Its perfect for snaking after a long day pretending to work.

Although biltong originates in Southern African countries, our lovely Biltong is produced in Devon by a small team of quirky individuals, with a real passion for hard meat.

About Inyama beef biltong

- Authentic, original biltong.
- Air dried and sliced.
- Made from local Devonshire Beef.
- High Protein snack.
- Gluten free
- No added sugar
- No preservatives
- Ingredients: Beef, Biltong Spice (Salt, Coriander, Pepper), Vinegar, Worcester Sauce.

About Inyama Biltong

Howzit! We're Inyama (which means 'meat' in Zulu).
At Inyama Biltong, we're not keen on all those preservatives and sugars you get in other store bought biltong, so we keep it real! We only use real ingredients, you know, things you can actually pronounce.

Our beef comes from local Devonshire farms that are conserving and restoring wildlife rich & diverse pastures that support some of our rarest and most endangered wildlife.

The philosophy is that the best beef comes from the richest environments where the cattle can grow slowly on a herbs, legumes, grasses and tree browse. In return, the animals play a crucial role in creating diverse and resilient ecosystems, and regenerating healthy, carbon rich soils.

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