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As dance floors around the world were plunging into darkness and disarray, an unsummoned hero emerged from a lifeless sea of glitter, busting moves like a true disco phoenix. 'Buca' he cried into the lonely slime and grime of the monotonous void. 'Buca is my name and disco is my game!'

As the the fabled hero wondered the streets in vein, searching for signs of life, he was drawn to a sight and sound that made him shudder in horror - an immovable force as great as time was long. The Ginzilla reared its head and gasped at the sign of one so lowly and childish. Why was this glittered creature so close to its mighty pedestal. How dare it break tradition and foul this hallowed space?

Why was the filthy beast not heeding its warning, how long could this travesty last.

The disco phoenix knew only one thing - when an unstoppable force met an immovable object, entire worlds would surely collide.


Gin vs Sambuca. Worlds will surely collide.



Lips - The only thing you will taste in the morning.

Hips - A lifetime.

Tips - Always neat, never mixed.

Distilled with:

Juniper Berry
Coriander seed
Orris Root

Grapefruit Peel
Orange Peel

Bison Grass
Cassia Bark
Star Anise (loads)
Pink Peppercorn

Bottle Size: 70cl
ABV: 40%vol

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Martin Hill

Excellent product, totally unusual and unique