Environmental and Social Responsibility

Environmental and Social Responsibility

Deposit Return Scheme

Bottle Deposit Return Scheme BristolWe have been running a deposit return scheme with our trade accounts for a number of years, which has proved very successful in both reducing the amount of waste, and associated waste costs, for venues, and decreasing our need for newly manufactured bottles.

As the scheme has been so successful we have now expanded it to include all of our customers. Like the good old days, anyone can return a bottle to the distillery for a cash rewards.

Solar Energy & Efficiency

We have invested heavily in the latest technology, to reduce our reliance on energy. After conducting an audit of our processes and making each part of our building as efficient as possible, the next step was to start generating our own electricity. Though cities, and listed buildings in particular, are notoriously difficult to use for generation, we managed to find a way to install a large Photovoltaic System, that now reduces our need for energy from the grid.


Deliveries within the city centre are performed on foot, or by electric bike, and further out we use couriers with progressive environmental policies and systems. We currently still have some need for traditional transport, fur bulk deliveries and festivals, but we are aiming to reduce this need as technology and costs allow.

All of our staff and employees are encouraged to use environmentally friendly forms of transport to and from the distillery, and we have achieved near complete success on this front.

Local Supply Chains

One of our greatest joys is finding and using suppliers within the city, from fruit and veg for our fresh botanicals, to farms like Pibbly Bottom Farm who supply us with the most excellent sloe berries for our winter sloe gin. Where a supplier is not available within Bristol, we use suppliers from the region and will only look nationally or internationally in very few cases. If you are a supplier that meets our requirements, please get in touch.

Charity Support

We have given over 1000 bottles to various charities to support their fund raising, asking nothing in return, not even promotion. It is a function we perform quietly in the background and do not use this activity as a marketing tool. If you would like to discuss how we can support your charity, please get in touch.