Sleigh Fuel Honey Rum 60% Miniature

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Superdupercharged Christmas pudding ignition system

Like Dyson and Tesla, Bristol Dry Gin are committed to solving the world's problems and improving the lives of its citizens. To that end, we have developed the ultimate solution to a pervasive first world problem.

Introducing the first and only Christmas Pudding Ignition System. Based on our best selling rum at 60% and drawing on all our experience of igniting booze, this system is guaranteed to make lighting the pud a piece of piste.

Ingredients: Caribbean rum blended with gooey honey and vanilla, set at 60%

How to use our supercharged ignition system:

1. Put on extensive protective equipment, use a comedy Xmas pinny, mittens and sunglasses if laboratory safety wear is not available
2. Dowse Christmas Pudding in Sleigh Fuel
3. Instruct kith and kin to stand well back
4. Hold lighter above your head and produce a flame
5. Slowly lower your arm to the pudding until the flame makes contact with the dessert
6. Run like hell

Bottle size: 50ml
ABV: 60%vol

Customer Reviews

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Too good to burn

I'd suggest you drink it and burn something not as sweet and delicious. Still if you buy it you can do what you like with it, see above.